• Open weave Swing basket made from natural fibre of sea grass
    Great little handbag or use in the hallway to store scarves and gloves
    Also great for travelling to take your toiletries to the shower room 
    So versatile 
    Large H30 x 45 x 9
     Seagrass is plant that grows on the shoreline in Vietnam however due to possible disturbance of the environment both flora and fauna we ensure our grass is grown sustainably inland where it is harvested 3 times each year. The type of grass we use has the botanical name of Zostera Japonica as this is the best for weaving and has strength and durability. The materials used as well as the nature of construction of baskets are of high quality, which contributes to their durability. Some of our baskets are flattened to facilitate easy shipping and can be bought back to shape easily with application of water which softens the fibres and allows for reshaping. Air drying is the open air is very quick. The evenness of the blades of the grass is considered prior the initiation of handwork and crafting. The harvested grasses are air-dried prior to using and to facilitate storage.

    Swing Basket large