Handmade from the Ininti seeds that are foraged by the Ladies from the Yuendumu and surrounds Community in N.T. 290 km Northwest of Alice Spring.


    You are supporting a beautiful tradition of Jewellery making that is passed down with the generation when you purchase such a piece of work. 

    Look great and receive so many comments when wearing them. Talk about who made it and where it is from. Let people smell your necklace and see what it conquers up for them. It has an amazing smoky earth scent which is divine.





    Ininti Seed & Gumnut Necklace

    • Ininti Seeds are collected and sorted by the women when they are out looking for bush tucker. Then holes are burnt in them with a hot wire to stop germination and to allow the seed to be thread into jewellery. A good rain season is needed for the tree to flower and produce seeds. The colour of the seeds vary from a light caramel colour right through to a rich red and look stunning adorned around the neck. The seeds have a unique smell, like a sweet smoky fire which is just exquisite.

      Some necklaces are intergrated with hand painted gumnuts to add colour and brightness for a fun, sophisticated style to add to a plain top or dress.