• Shaped like a honey pot, these handwoven baskets make a wonderful little handbag for your daily essentials.  The lid slides up and down on the leather strap making them secure. You can also adjust the lenght of the shoulder cord to suit yourself.

    Other uses include - sewing kit, crafts, make-up, jewellery.

    Great gift for all ages.

    Choose your favourite - all one offs.

    Honey Pot Bolga Basket

    • Your Honey Pot was made by the people of Bolgotonga in Northern Ghana, Africa. It is made from Elephant Grass that grows endemic to the region. The manifacture of baskets can involve the whole family who help harvest, dry and dye the grass before it is woven into a desired shape and patterns. Sometimes the grass is purchased from market on the way home after selling other baskets at the markets.

      Our baskets are bought directly from the people who made them and from the community markets. There are no factories involved.