• Our traditional Kantha Scarves are hand stitched in Banladesh by the amazing women of Basha Boutique. Each scarf is different so please take your time and choose the scarf that best enhances your personality.

    Receive comments when ever you wear it. Talk about your scarf, tell the story about who made it and why. Be proud that you are supporting an incredible enterprise and giving new hope to courageous women and their children.

    Thank you

    #2. Hand stitched Kantha scarf

    • Our beautiful Kantha Scarves, made from re-purposed cotton saris are custom tailored for us directly from a wonderful Enterprise in Bangladesh Called Basha Boutique. Basha have rescued women and their children from the street and sex slavery after their husbands have abounded them. Basha hopes that all who work with them will be inspired to dream new dreams and reach ever-increasing standards of excellence, and so they provide ongoing mentoring, training, education, support and encouragement to every artisan. Their vision focuses on the lives of the women they work with. Each woman’s story varies, but her circumstances have put her at high risk of harm or resulted in her exploitation and abuse. They work with her children too, ensuring the cycle of poverty and victimisation is broken.

      We have such a gorgeous selection of scarves to choose from. This is the slow fashion with hours of work in each unique piece.  Please select your favourite colour combination. Spoil yourself and a friend at the same time.