• Beautiful woven round mats which can be used for the table, place mats or wall art. Each one is uniquely different as they are all handwoven and can never be exactly the same although a few have similar designs. They measure approx 33 to 34cm across. To use as wall art just thread strong cotton through the weave to create a loop at the back. They look awesome on the wall combined with other basket art and lush plants.

    Fulani table/wall mats

    • The Fulanis are a flamboyant nomadic tribe who move across West Africa with their herds of cattle. When they station themselves close to an oasis or find a good location to survive with their stock for the time being, they turn to weave these beautiful mats to cover thier milk containers to keep them fresh or sell some to subisdise their income.

      The mats are hard wearing, great for dining tables, to protect surfaces or to hang on your wall. Beautiful earth tones, made from desert palm leaves and straw.