30 x 30cm pre-strectched canvas


This young artist Kirsty Anne Napanangka Martin belongs to Mina Mina Dreaming - Ngalyipi. 

In the dreamtime, ancestral women danced at Mina Mina and 'karlangu', (digging sticks) rose up out of the ground.

Read the whole dremtime story on the certificate of authenticity you receive when you purchase this painting.

Mina Mina Dreaming 30 x 30 cm


  • Producing gloriously coloured Aboriginal art, promoting Indigenous cultureand supporting the remote communities of Yuendumu & Nyirripi
    since 1985.

    Base at the community of Yuendumu which is 290km Northwest of Alice Springs, Warlukurlangu Artists is one of the longest running and most successful Aboriginal-owned art centres in Central Australia.It has a national and international profile and its art has been featured in hundreds of exhibitions and publications in Australia and around the world.

    Warlukurlangu means ‘belonging to fire’ in the local language, Warlpiri, and is named after a fire dreaming site west of Yuendumu.