• Size:  approx 30 cm Height

    Natural colours

    Pattern: Zig-zag pattern Masculine


    A rigid, bulb shaped container, rendered water-tight by tightness of the coil/weave and the material used. When liquids are introduced in the vessel, the pores swell,whilst the outside sweats, thus keeping the liquid cool by means of evaporation.These baskets are very decorative and patterns represent different things depending on the design. Whist a very collectable item for home decor the vessel is very practical in its native land.

    copy of Zulu Ukhamba Vessel

    • The Zulus are the largest tribe in Southern Africa, renowned for their artistry and craftmanship. Around the hills of KwaAula-Natal numerous women work at the art of basketry. They have taken the traditional art form and turned it into a way in which to supplement their incomes and in many cases their only means of income. The women work in their homes and also raise the family, work in the fields and collect water.

      The  baskets are made using indigenous raw materials that are collected, dried and dyed before being coiled into vessels and depending on size can take over a month to build.